About Us

Welcome to Niminee’s Boutique!
We're Beth and Jessica, and we're two sisters with over 20 years of retail experience between us. Both of us worked in retail beginning at the age of 16 and stayed because we loved the atmosphere so much. Even though we moved onto other ventures we never lost our love for fashion and working with customers to help them find something they would love. Within Niminee’s Boutique you will find pieces that we selected through many hours of discussion and negotiation (given our varying tastes) that embody not only a bit of who we are, but will also keep you looking wonderful all year long.
What exactly is a Niminee you might be asking yourself. Well, it is a name that is very dear to us. We lost our grandmother in 2011. She was one of the sweetest humans ever to walk this planet with spunk and sass and she truly cared about everyone she ever came in contact with. She was “Niminee”. As the story goes our older brother was a small toddler trying to learn how to say “Grammy” for the first time and it came out “Niminee”. The name stuck and from that point on she was our beloved Niminee or Nim. When choosing what we should name our Boutique we tossed around several names until we finally decided to honor the memory of our Nim by naming our boutique after her. We believe she is looking down on us, tickled pink that we decided to use her name. We love the name but especially loved her. We hope you love it too.